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“During the campaign for the organization of the Olympic Games in Paris, the Community intervened to make proposals with a view to improving the traffic of passenger boats during the event, featuring a large pontoon partially obstructing the lane. water; the effects were therefore, and with the help of other associations, considerably reduced. ”

- BV


Song of the Seine - Jacques Prévert

"The Seine is lucky

She has no worries

She takes it easy

Day and night

And it comes out of its source

Very slowly without noise

And without making foam

Without getting out of bed

She goes to the sea

Passing through Paris

The Seine is lucky

She has no worries […] ”

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The Mirabeau Bridge - Guillaume Apollinaire

"Under the Mirabeau bridge flows the Seine

And our loves

He has to remind me of that

Joy always came after pain.

Vienna at night strikes the hour

The days go by I remain […] ”

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Paris and the Seine - Paul Verlaine

“Paris has beauty only in its history,

But this story is so beautiful!

The Seine is absurdly cashed in,

But its light green alone is worth the fame.

Paris has no gaiety except its patter,

But this patter, although quite filthy,

He goes around the languages ​​of the world,

Add a little salt to this bland stew. […] "